help me understand document properties!

in Synfig 0.63.05 I am trying to create a short animation in synfig at 1024 * 768 I set the width and height, then import a background image and it’s massive. adjusting image span makes the canvas bigger - but why? and how?
and is there a way to work out what these settings should be given you have a desired width and height ?


Did you take a look to Resizing_the_Canvas ? Also you have Scale_New_Imported_Images_to_Fit_Canvas option.

Does it help ?

By the way … Synfig 0.63.05 is a bit outdated … check / download for a fresher piece of cake.

Using the latest version of Synfig and …
I scale my canvass to 800x800 (which is the size of the images I need to import).
I import the images and they’re OFF the scale! Too large.
I’ve tried to scale them using Synfig and they disappear (won’t show at all in a render or even in “preview”). They just vanish.

I re-sized them all (11 images total) to 600x600.
Re-tried the import and… they STILL come in too large!
(This makes NO sense because the canvass is 800x800, the images are 600x600.)

I see here, on this thread, that there’s an option to “import images to fit canvass size”. YAY!
I finally found where the setting is and chose it.
Return to my project,
import the very first image and…
IT’S WORSE! The imported image is about 10x too large!

Now, I’ve been working on/with Synfig for about a week, every day, learning, working, producing, trying to be patient, but it’s getting to the point of horror. Fine, I’m from the “old school” of Macromedia Flash which I learnt well enough to conduct classes and present tutorials (in Flash presentations) for corporations. I learnt from trial and error and it didn’t take me a month to catch it well enough to teach it.

But Synfig is becoming an annoyance and aggravation. I know it’s “free” and I’m sure I’ll be told “You get what you pay for”. I’ve been trying it for “free” with the actual hope and intention of paying for it, if for no other reason that to express my gratitude for an alternative to Adobe “gouge-ware”. (I’ve always viewed Adobe everything as outrageously over-priced and over-rated.) But as the hours and days are turning to weeks, I’m almost comforted by the fact that I availed myself of the “free” version.

This rant done, I ask: WHAT is it with Synfig and imported images? (I won’t get into the hassle I’ve had trying to get a “key frame” inserted. I’ll save that for a rant on an appropriate thread.) WHAT do I have to do to get 800x800 images to properly appear in an 80x800 canvass with-out having to go through 35 steps? Anybody?

(Thanks for reading. Hopefully somebody out there has a solution…)

I’ve had some similar issues, especially with importing stuff. I recently downloaded the latest version so I’m not sure if it’s still a problem, but in the version I used to use, I HAD to make sure the imported files were in the same folder as my synfig project. Otherwise, everything would disappear every time I saved. Maybe there’s another workaround, but just copying a version of the pngs into the synfig folder worked for me.

Regarding sizing: I believe this has to do with canvas properties. You can see the tutorial here: although it’s not complete. I don’t fully understand the sizing, but in my default options (which is to lock pixel aspect and image span), if I change the image size (under parameters–>transformation–>size) from 240px to 60px, it resizes exactly.

In the canvas properties–>other tab, you can check boxes to lock aspects. If you lock pixel aspect and image span (and your canvas is the size you want it to be), importing and then changing the size of the imported image from default 240p to 60p should work.

Presumably, there is a combination of boxes you can check that will remove the need to change from 240x240 to 60x60, but if you find that out, let me know!

Did you checked this?