Help, I don't know gouping groups

I’ve working on OS X 10.8.5, with Synfig 1.0.2 and reading a tutorial made with encapsulation instead of groups. in particular, this where they move encapsulations into other encapsulations by just dragging them. But I am doing something wrong cause when I drag a group into another it doesn’t work.

I’m solving this question by cutting or copying a group then going into the group where I want the sub-group and pasting, but I believe that there’s a better way just dragging the group into another group ¿isn’t it?

hi gines (and welcome here…)

Nice to heard you manage to solve your group usage problem ‘alone’ …could be a sign that synfig become user compliant :wink:

Also i want to signal that you can found a step by step manual and more into (glossary / tutorials …) from the synfig’s wiki


Thanks, I will read it.