Genete made me developer of Synfig a couple months ago but I haven’t introduced myself yet so I think it’s time to :slight_smile:
I discovered Synfig because Genete presented Synfig at my university and later a teacher put us in contact.
I liked Synfig because it’s a big open source project, has a lot of new and exciting things to develop and only have a few developers. Furthermore Genete lives here!
Synfig is my chance to get evolved in the community so I’m very excited.
The only bad point is that I’m very busy with university so I’m slow doing things.

By the way I’m veeeery bad drawing :laughing:

I wish you long live here!

PS: Dear “Synfigers”, please be patience with him… lot of potential is hidden behind that owl :wink:

Wihoo! a developer! You’re very much needed!

Somebody has a crush on Genete :wink:

Welcome Eldruin - we’re eagerly awaiting your ffmpeg modifications! Being able to output something other than MPG1 quality video would be awesome!


Hi eldruin!

Yay, another developer!


Hi I’m new here but…

Welcome to Synfig anyway ^^.

Since you say your bad at drawing I have made Semi Tutorials on drawing manga/anime, they are animated gifs that loop fast but maybe it can give you an idea.

Here is the link :slight_smile::

The animation part isn’t Synfig it is for GIMP :blush:.

Moko ^^