Hello! I am Greippi (Grapefruit in Finnish) and I’m a musician and a somewhat-beginner in Synfig.

I have also a request. I’m beginning to create an animation series (zero-budget, and based on The Cyberiad by Stanislaw Lem) this summer but I’m bad at drawing humans. I would like someone to take a character designer’s job for the two main characters. Throw me a PM if you’re interested.

Hi Greippi,
welcome to Synfig! :smiley:
It is great that you plan to do an animation series. Perhaps me or someone else might help. This project is a good example of collaboration project, so it would be interesting for you to dig it and learn how have been solved some collaboration issues.

As first stage it would be good to have a screenplay to read in order to allow potential artists draw the characters based on the story and the description.

If you need some specific help on Synfig, please let us know.
Good luck.