I am a new member.

I came across Synfig for the first time this week. I am interested in starting an animation studio to procedure high quality 2d cartoons for a start. 3d animations will follow later. I came across Synfig while I was looking for an open source alternative to Toon Boom and Flash that I could use to learn 2d animation.

I am really interested in creating an Epic 2d cartoons (e.g like Ninjai) and I believe Synfig can be used to produce this type of content. However, I noticed that Synfig needs a lot of help with documentation, tutorials/training, UI design, new features, optimization.

Although, I have an intermediate know of C++ I really would like to support Synfig in the following areas for a start, although I am still learning 2d animation.

  1. Complete GUI redesign - port the entire code base to Qt. I believe in highly intuitive and professional UI.
  2. Tutorials and wiki updates.
  3. Optimization / speed.



Hi Austin,
you’re very welcome on those helping areas.
For programming (UI and optimization/speed) please follow up the progresses of Ivan on his fork.
For Tutorials and wiki development please don’t ask, just do it.
Anyway, if you need some guide or assistance on administration areas please ask here.