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Hello everyone! You might find this name familiar I had another account with a similar name but I don’t have that email anymore so…Here’s a new account!

I haven’t touched synfig in a very long time, I at first didn’t use because my tablet didn’t work with it, but recently I can’t use the tablet because of no pen so I’m drawing with a mouse…I use GIMP and MyPaint to draw with.

I can’t get the newest version because I use windows, is there a version that you people suggest?

I guess it’s nice to know so no confusion happens that I’m a girl, I live in the US, I like to draw, paint, do CG art and I’m a blogger about artistic stuff. (Am I allowed to post a link in my signature?)

Okay then…

Have a nice day!

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~ Mokonafan

The latest stable Windows version is 0.63.05.

Yes sure!

Okey thank you!

I meet the same problem.

I think you’re asking about Synfig new version for windows. If yes then check the below link.