Hello everyone :smiley: !
I saw Synfig in the Ubuntu Software Centre when I was searching for animation tools, and later I installed it on my system.
I have already used Synfig to make a short GIF animation using BLines, and now I am thinking of making an animated movie using Cut-out Animation.

I drew and scanned the pictures and GIMPed them into seperate images, and then imported them into Synfig. I then made one character. But I am going to use this character in many animations, so is there any way i can export the character and then import him into different projects or link many projects to use that character :confused: ?

Hi hippo!

The easier way:

  1. Save your character in a separate file. Possibly place it in a Library folder. Always keep the image files in the same folder or in a inner folder.
  2. Make a copy of the file (and associated image files or folders) and place it on the other project in the proper folder.
  3. In the document where the character is going to be used import the copy of the character and use it normally. You must have opened the character document copy in order to edit it.