I’ve tried learning how to animate with many different programs including Ktoon and Pencil. So far, every single one came with too many problems to work with. I’ve tried to learn how to use Synfig before but I just wasn’t motivated enough and gave up. So, this is my second (maybe third) attempt at learning how to use Synfig and I hope that, now that I’ve joined the forums and letting people know that I exist, I will be able to stay committed to learning how to use this thing.
I’ve noticed that there aren’t many long animations out there so I’ve made it my personal goal to make lengthy animations (once i’ve learned how, of course).
Hopefully I’ll be able to reach my goal with the support of all the great animators on this forum :slight_smile:

Welcome! Unfortunately, with long animations come long preparation times - a few seconds of animation can take hours to do well (even with the best software at your disposal). Don’t expect instant results. Having said that, we’ve seen some amazing examples of what Synfig can do given time and artistic capabilities.
We’re looking forward to seeing your animations, and feel free to ask any questions - we’ll give you any support we can.


I’m aware it will take a lot of time and I am determined to put in a lot of time and effort into whatever it is I decide to work on. I just hope that that won’t change over time. x]

Welcome, outlandishflamingo!

What pixelgeek said! I’ve made a few 30-second to one-minute animations and - even with the computer assistance of a program like Synfig - it’s a ton of work. And most of my projects don’t even have all that much animation in them.

I also have plans for longer projects, but it’s really hard to make the time and sustain the drive that a longer work would require - especially when it’s mostly a hobby. So I guess my plan is to build up both my animation skills and my animation “muscles” by continuing to do shorter projects for a while - stuff I can finish in a few days to a few weeks. Having a string of short successes (where success is defined as actually finishing something) will, I hope, go a long way toward fueling me for the longer haul.

Maybe a similar approach would work for you? At any rate, welcome to the Synfig community and good luck!


I definitely will take the same approach to some extent. I will make several short animations while in the process of working on my one long animation. I guess it’ll be the thing that I’ll work on whenever I don’t feel like working on anything else.
Anyway, thanks for the suggestion, and I’m looking forward to seeing more of your animations posted in the forums :slight_smile: