Hello, presentation and some doubts

Hello, I am 30 years old and I have a project in mind.

I would like to create videos similar to this ones:


The features I am looking for are:

-possibility to write nice looking words
-possibility to zoom different parts on the screen
-able to draw basic objects
-file format able to be stored in youtube

So, Do you think it is possible to create videos like those using synfig?

If it is possible I will learn synfig.

Thank you very much for your help!

hello and welcome to Synfig and the forum!

Yes, definitely doable.

Synfig do have a text tool but it is a bit hard to work with in my opinion so I would suggest you create your texts in inkscape, export them from there and animate them in Synfig.

Yes, but as Synfig has no camera you have to move and zoom the canvas (artwork) instead.

Yes. and complex also if you’d like.

Sure, no problem.

Thank you very much Rylleman!

I will have a look at the documentation to learn the basic tools and then I will try to create the videos.

Hello arnoldpredator and welcome here…

Ahmed have recently shared some moving pixel involving features you talk about.

Thanks djay, I see that it is possible to upload vids to youtube. :mrgreen: