Hello People

Hello, I have knew the Synfig for a time, since the 0.something version, the one who have existed in 2010. I have never felt comfortable with the in canvas render, so, I have never used with deep enough the software. Now with the new engine I hope learn something about the functionality of synfig.
I like more to do traditional animation (frame-by-frame) than use tweening tools, but, unfortunately, I think the time consumption of the traditional is counter productive for a marketable product.

Oh Yes, I love to do storyboards: www.behance.net/gallery/31413935/Storyboards
And my animations and tests: youtube.com/user/jefincrazy/videos

Sorry for any grammatical error

Jeffboy hello and welcome here,

The new engine is still in beta (not in a released version)… but still since 2010 a lot a new functionalities has appeared into synfigstudio (cutout tool / skeleton / single window / switch group / group widget …) . Be welcome to the wiki for a step by step tutorial or the training course

have fun!