Hello my name is Brandy Starbrite I'm new here.

Hello Synfig. My name is Brandy Starbrite. :mrgreen: And I’m new here. And to the program Synfig as well. I learned about this program at Blender Nation.org. And I accidently bounced it up when I was looking for Open Source animation software. :open_mouth:
I must say, if I had bounced up this program sooner, I would have used it for my Animae Caribe project.I’m still a beginner in Synfig.
A Synfig newbie. He! He! And I’m taking my time to learn this cool Synfig software.
So far, I’m amazed at what this software can do. Keep up the good work guys. :mrgreen:

PS: If you didn’t know, if you want a software, to make cool Techno music, trance etc. for your Synfig anime projects. Try “LMMS.”
It’s on Windows /Win 7 now. The Morevna project guys ( Hope I spelt the “Morevna” word, correct.) Might find some good use for it.

                                                                                               Best Regards and wishes: From Brandy Starbrite.
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I’m looking for software that can make cool brass band music :Þ

Welcome to Synfigworld - hope you have fun here


Hi Saorsa. Glad I could help you in such short notice. Wow! my timing was right on track. :astonished: Yeah, you can make brass music in LMMS. It’ll work well if you’re making a cartoon, or a cartoon music video. If you need instruments, you can go to LMMS forums and find out where to get free, VST plug ins. And instrument sample packs. Best place to go is DSK Music. They got a ton of cool free stuff. So enjoy.

Thanks Saorsa. I feel so much at home here already. YAY!! And I hope I have fun too. :smiley: Bye.

Thanks. I am happy to be here. :smiley:

I wish I can help but I have no programming experience. I don’t know where to start. If anyone can direct me to where I can learn C++ or basic python programming, or other etc. (Tutorial or website) I will be glad. :slight_smile:

If I help, I can only help as an Artist, Wiki writer, or bug tester for now. :mrgreen:

                                                                                                                                                     SEE YA'S!! Bye.

just a simple search of “c++ course” gives me this: doc.ic.ac.uk/~wjk/C++Intro/


Thanks Genete. I’ll check it out. :smiley: