hello, i need help to begin in using synfig

I’ve just started to use synfig in order to make a small commercial.
I have a big problem : I am not able to import pictures from my computer.
Could you help me please ?

Thank you,


Welcome to Synfig!

What have you done in trying to import images? Wha steps have you taken?

Thank you.

I click on the top left of the synfig animation window (button like this : >), then file and import.
And when I double-click on an image with .png or .jpeg, there is this message : unable to import … .png…
I can import gif or xcf files but they don’t appear on the synfig screen…

Can you confirm that you’re using the latest version?
It looks to me that you have a not properly configured version of Synfig Studio

yes, I have the latest version (synfigstudio-0.63.01.exe)
I downloaded it two days ago

Can you reinstall it again leaving the defaults untouched?
Is it with an specific png or jpeg file?
I can’t reproduce the problem here.

Hello François,

je crois que le problème vient des caractères accentués, ils ne passent pas dans Synfig. Renomme tes images, et ça marchera :smiley:

(I think the problem is accentuated characters, they don’t work in Synfig. Renames your pictures, and everything will be ok :smiley: )