hello i am hernab28

Hi, I am Hernab28

I recently discovered this program, (when adobe flash stopped working) and looks pretty awesome but i have some questions:
-How do i lock the tools window? It is annoying when it minimices.
-where do i find tutorials to make plataform games?

Thanks you,bye :smiley:

It is not intended to be minimized but present all the time.
There is not specific tutorial for games making.

Thanks for your answer.

I have another problem
When I import a image, the program doesn´t show it. Why?
The image is created with Gimp2

What format has the image?

Try to import PNG files. It works fine.

The same problem.

The image is the only thing you have in canvas?

The visibility check of the layer is on?

If you have a movement-blur layer, deselect it if you are using Cairo rendering.

Yes, the image is the only thing i have.
Yes, the visibility is on.
I don´t know what is that.
I just download the program and tried to import a image, I didn´t touch another thing

Can you see the rectangle of the image object in the canvas?

Could you adjust that rectangle to the area of the canvas (if it is not), moving the green dots?

If you don’t see the green dots, maybe you have to zoom out the canvas.

nothing happens

I fixed the problem installing synfig on linux

Thanks for the help, goodbye