Hello guys, I need some help!

So i have recently downloaded synfig but i have a probelm. I cant create more then one shape, if i do the other one dissapears its still on the layer bar but it isnt on the screen can anybody explain to me why this is happening?

Hello chronoxiix and welcome here …

Maybe a brush size problem ?
You can also change “at any time” layers parameters

With the documentation/wiki/tutorial/step by step you should find all the answers of basic usage (and even more with intermediate and advanced tutos … )

I tried those pages but it doesnt help because no matter how far the shapes are one will always dissapear everytime i draw the other one.

It seems more like an issue that your “blend method” is set to some other one than composite, if you can not figure it out still, please save and upload your problem file here, so that we can check.

Thanks my problem is fixed!

hummm … good one yu … this is not the first time this happen is’nt it ???
… i have updated : wiki.synfig.org/wiki/FAQ

feel free to adjust it again …