Hello from mospina


I found synfig a couple of years ago but I didn’t start using it until very recently. I’m working on a short music video: youtube.com/watch?v=SmQ4z7o9LkQ using open source software: gimp, ffmpeg, mencoder, and of course synfig. I’m still learning how to use synfig so I may ask a lot of questions here :slight_smile: . Anyway, I’m glad to be in this forum and learn more about animation.


lol! You are the second guy here to show up here today right after I commented on their youtube video! That WAS me by the way. :slight_smile:

Do you understand the comment I made about the devil moving away when he flaps? That can be fixed by changing the type of interpolation at some of your waypoints.

We should all make more comments on synfig videos. We could fill this forum up in no time!

Be sure that we will try to do our best!