Hello from Lancaster, Pennsylvania USA

I think that Synfig is the software I want to use for a project where I want to simulate a laser drawing an animation. But, so far, despite several hours of effort, I have not been able to save any sort of animation in a GIF or MPG.

Is anyone in the Eastern Pennsylvania area who is successfully using Synfig on Windows? Could I can bring my laptop over to your place, for you to see what is happening? I am hoping there is a simple answer that will be apparent to an experienced user.

-Joe Dunfee

Have you tried exporting as DV? That usually works for me.
Though I’m using a Linux, so it might not work as well for you.

When you rendering, can you see errors in the terminal window ?
Anyway, MPG don’t seem to work with Windows : wiki.synfig.org/wiki/Render_options
Instead try Rendering to PNG sequence, then use a conversion program to get a movie : andrewnoske.com/wiki/Convert … to_a_movie

Thank you. Things are working for me now. I had help in another thread, and I can now render a series of PNG files. The MPG was certainly part of the problem.