Hello everyone.. :)

Hello Everyone… I just joined this forum… :slight_smile:

I Found Synfig, when i’m searching video editor for linux. I am a linux user - Ubuntu 14.04.

I am watching some synfig’s tutorial videos on youtube, and get interested to install synfig. at first i’m little bit confuse, because the interface is totally different between the tutorial and my installed synfig - until i realize the ubuntu 14.04 repo’s provide version 0.64 - and the tutorial using 1.0 version… :laughing: then I removed the older synfig, and intalling the newer version using gdebi (the upgrade option in ubuntu software centre, cannot install the new version of synfig)

I am a teacher and trainers from Indonesia, and love to use multimedia in my presentations. :slight_smile:

I hope I can learn synfig from this forum…

nice to join this this forum… :slight_smile:

Welcome and good luck!