Hello everybody!

One more new user for Synfig.

I’m 27 & from India. I’m a web developer.

For some reason, I’m researching things on movies, animation, comics, writing, etc., since 2010. Now I’m here for 2D animation & Synfig.
Though I’m not good at drawing(After my school days I never done any drawings), I got interested in animation. I want to learn both 2D & 3D animation.

I want to go with only free/open source programs. Already downloaded Blender latest version but I’m not going to touch that till get good on 2D animation.

For 2D animations, I have downloaded & installed Synfig, Pencil, Vectorian Giotto & other free sticky programs in my laptop. This week I’m going to try something. While comparing these softwares, I find that Synfig is better than other free 2D animation softwares(Hope I’m not wrong) but I found that it doesn’t have sound layer which is important(Both Pencil & Vectorian Giotto has the option.) but I’m waiting for this feature from Synfig team. Please implement this.

Besides, Synfig forum looks good. Pencil-forum don’t accept new registrations. And Vectorian Giotto don’t have forum.

I have a doubt. I heard that some people using multiple softwares(combining Synfig, Pencil & some other 2D animation softwares) to make things. I couldn’t come with those links. Anyway here I found new one(it’s not exact one but similar one)

Any other special reasons(other than features) to use multiple 2D animation softwares?

Currently I’m going through Synfig forums&wiki & other general animation related things. Please give me your suggestions to make me atleast a decent 2D animator quickly.

I’m planning to make animated shorts in future.

Thanks & Cheers,


Not all good drawers are good animators… as not all good animators have to be good drawers. :slight_smile:

If you have good draw skills is better, of course. But it is not required.

Great decision.

I’ll add GIMP as 2D illustrator, for drawing and apply effects to frames at post-production.

Could be interesting work with a video editor. I recommend AVIdemux + Cinelerra.

And a sound editor: Audacity is a good election. If you want something more “professional” I suggest Ardour.

You can work with time + fps with the sound editors (Audacity or Ardour), so you only need a paper with times to have a synchronizer with Synfig. :slight_smile:

Well, Synfig not cover all range of action to make a animation production.

Of course you can make one with only Synfig… but you can edit sound (if you don’t have a sound editor), you can make bitmap graphics (without a image editor), you can make a 3D plane (you can do it with a lot of work, but you can do it “easy” with Blender)… etc.

Some people feels more confortable working with a tool, and importing the result in Synfig, too.

There are no rules in what software you have to use to finish a animation. Only use the software you get confortable with.

“Quickly” and “animation” not get very well… :slight_smile:

Synfig is a program with a learning curve very accent. So, test the beginners tutorials. Make some tests… and get confortable with the tool.

After that, animation is a work that start with a good story or have something to tell.

I am new here . I just want to learn about synfig. Could anyone tell me about this .

Welcome in here … it’s a good place to learn synfig.
Did you take a look to the wiki.synfig.org/wiki ?
There, you can follow the step by step of the manual … it’s a good start.

It will be a pleasure to help you going thrue…