Hello Everybody

Hi, I’m the new guy in the Neighbourhood. I’m from Uruguay (south American small country… 4th place in the last soccer world cup… Punta del Este… cows… mate… OK, forget it) and I’m certanly not spam or a computer software (as far as I know…).

I’m Systems Engeneering Student, developer (web, java, php, bash and a lot more), Joomla and Wordpress administrator, GIMP fan and average user, very begginer InkScape user (but I’m working on that), blogger (almost humor in spanish, if you read spanish, visit www.buttonpol.com) and intermediate bass player and who knows what more (I don’t).

I’ve just download Syfing in my Ubuntu 12.04 and as far as I can see, it worked. I want to make cartoon’s animations for my blog and that’s why I’m here. I’ve seen ‘Prologue’ and ‘Bombel Ad’ and I want to do things like that, so I hope you guys will know more from me in this forum :slight_smile:

I really hope to learn so much here. Thanks for make Synfig OpenSource and free (because It’s free… is it? … I don’t remember to donwloaded it from torrents or something… if not… well, you can forget all I’ve wrote :slight_smile:

Good bye!

Welcome to the Synfig community! If you have a question on Synfig usage please ask, we try to be as helpful as we can.

And yes, Synfig is open source and totally free, so you can download and use it however you like.

Hi buttonpol!
Welcome to the forums!
Please don’t feel shy on ask things that might appear simple. We want that Synfig Studio were as intuitive possible for someone with some basic knowledge of animation concepts, so any feedback from a newbie is welcome.

And yes, Synfig is free to use and your creations are of your own (so you can do whatever you want with them). Synfig is released under GPL2.


EDIT: ah, crossed posts :wink: