Hello Everybody

Just heard about this software from a link over at InkScape. Since I’ve done 3d animation before and because my formal training is in fine art and I’m very much interested in 2d cell animations (Japanese comics style is what I’m shooting for), I thought I would check Synfig out.

You see, I’ve written a book some time ago and I left the last chapter open for sequels. I really want to do the sequels in anime and Japanese style comics. A lot of work you say… yes, but it will be fun.

I haven’t checked yet, but if there is a place in the profile for web page link, I’ll put a link to my artworks pages - just a few samples there of my paintings, drawings and a few digital works.

Anyway, hello and see you in the forums.

Hi jbrushes - sorry I just missed you on IRC…

Hi jbrushes, welcome to the forum.
Your art work is impressive. I would like to have just 10% of your talent. :slight_smile:
You’re invited to install, use and learn Synfig. I’m sure you’ll enjoy it a lot. Please feel free to ask for support to the forum and if any, ask for feature requests when you grow your Synfig Studio knowledge.

Welcome JB,
I liked the inked plate from your sf-book. Cool.

Thanks for the welcomes and compliments. Let’s see if we can put Synfig into good use.

See you around.

Hi, I’m JameC. I am a new member of forum. Would a newcomer be warmly welcome here? Good day you guys!!!

Newcomers are warmly welcomed. Spammers are not. Your sig file could be misinterpreted.

What are you planning on animating?