Hello every body

Hello my name is Patrick i am french so excuse me for my english.

I am new in Synfig and animation so i start form scratch.
I am not to young 63 in next august but i continu to like cartoon .
I have been working with Anim8or, wings3d and Albatross3d i like those but now i am going back when i was
young and was very happy to draw and watch cartoon. i always want to make cartoon.
I started to learn synfig with the tutos it is not very convenient to have the tuto on one window and synfig on another, when specialy
i have the tool screen going away every time ( i am on window 7).
I will certainely need your help later.

Hi patrick,
welcome to the forums! Don’t worry so much for the English. I’m Spanish, so I will understand perfectly your “Frenchglish”.
Don’t wait to ask any doubt you may have. We’ll try to do our best.

Welcome. Hope you’ll enjoy Synfig! :slight_smile:

Thanks for yours welcome.