Hello and Help with Translation

Hi there!

I have been following the developing of Synfig for some time now (tried to do some really simple animations now and then…) and have finally decided that I liked to get more into it.

Unfortunately I’m not a coder, but I could try and translate the wiki and some of the documentation into German, as I am a native speaker.

Is there anybody else working on a German translation?

Anyway, I just wanted to say Hello and Thanks for this nice program :slight_smile:

Yes there is one German translator. But I think he didn’t do any page yet. I only remember him mention that on the IRC.
He’s “vonhalenbach”. You can contact him by e-mail I guess. He hasn’t posted any post or come back to the IRC form some time ago.
Thanks for your interest and contributions.

I couldn’t find vonHalenbach’s email address, so I just started to translate the first pages of the wiki. Pages done so far:

to be continued …

Awesome, thanks!