Hello all!

Hi there,

I found Synfig by searching for free/open source 2d animation software. I tried Pencil and Vectorian Giotto as well, but this seems like the ticket.

I’m working on art for a video game. Hopefully I can get this all figured out and have the art skills to do what I want to do!


Welcome to the forums!

Welcome! That is exactly how I found synfig.

It is safe to say that any stability problems one might face with synfig or other open-source software are WAY WAY out weighed by access to this forum with the developers here to help. It is also nerdier and gives you e-cred to use open software.

*note: stability seems to be a LOT better with linux than the windows version I used to use.

Oh… and play Open Transport Tycoon Deluxe! OTTD.org!

BTW, the Windows version is a lot more stable than it used to be - ever since we switched to single threading by default.

Good to hear. It got super crashy for me and I waited until I switched to linux to give it another go. Runs like a dream! I guess I should have gotten a newer version in the meantime.

Yeah, I don’t know that it’s ever crashed. The big issue is how long it takes to load drawings.