Hello All I'm New

Hello to all.
This is my first time downloading and using ANY 2D animation software, so i hope this goes well.
I am an artist, mostly Graphite/Charcoal but i do a few colored drawings and some sculpting and painting.
I found Synfig through a google search for “open-source animation software”, mainly because the open source communities tend to know more about what people really want in software as compared to a company like Microsoft or Apple.
I will try this out right now, maybe a little made up and pointless “skit” to get started and report my failure or success.
Thanks for allowing me to use your software.


Hello Skoal and welcome here…

You don’t have any habit of 2D animation soft ? … cool, you will learn from scratch with synfig… but “take care” Synfig is not intuitive so much. I mean, take your time to discover it using the step by step tutorial (wiki) , and come back here if you have any problems getting threw that.

After that, you can also explore and play with beginner to advanced tutorials

With a quick search into videos hosting platforms you will also found several ‘non officials’ tutos, and for sure, this forum is a mine … dig it!