having problem with rotate and scale tools - fixed

the normal tool allows me to click on a layer and move it resize etc but for some reason when i use the scale or rotate tool i am not given the option to scale or rotate. clicking on a layer does not make any “nodes” appear. perhaps i am missing something? thanks in advance.

Hi synfigman,
first of all provide information about what version are you using. Please update to the 0.61.08 if possible.
Try to do the following:

  1. Create a new empty file.
  2. Using the BLine tool or the Draw tool make some layers.
  3. Then make click over one of the layer. Alternatively make CTRL click over more layers to make a multiple selection. It should turn to the normal tool and should show the ducks.
  4. Select the Rotate tool. The ducks should remain shown.
  5. Drag a square over the ducks and select them. You would notice that get brighter colours. NOW you can rotate the group by clicking in any of them and dragging.

To perform rotation, scale or mirror you should make a group selection of ducks. If not the tool acts like the normal tool.

Hope it helps


thanks for the reply. I have managed to rotate some layers created with the bline tool by group selecting the handles or ducks? I am however a bit confused because when i attempt to perform the same operation on a layer made using the square tool, the only option i am given after group selecting the ducks is to adjust the height and width no matter what tool i am using. thanks again for your help.

here we are. its ver 0.61.06 on ubuntu studio

That’s a common question for people that uses synfig for the first time. Rectangles are defined only by two corners. If you rotate the corners positions the resulting image would be a new rectangle defined by the result of those two corners.
If you need to rotate a rectangle during animation you should use the Rotate Layer.

Add a Rotate layer over the Rectangle Layer
Encapsulate the Rectangle Layer and the Rotate Layer (to avoid spread the rotation to the possible other layers below).

Now modifying the angle duck of the rotate layer it would produce a rotation of the rectangle. Consider to place the rotation origin at the center of the rectangle or at the place where you want to perform the rotation.

Alternatively to this you can create a rectangle using the Polygon Tool instead the Rectangle Tool. You can get aid form the grids (Caret Menu->View->Show Grid and Caret Menu->View->Snap to Grid) to create perfect rectangles with the Polygon tool. Then the Rotate Tool would work.

Please see this too: synfig.org/FAQ#Why_doesn.27t_the … tangles.3F


You should update to 0.61.08 at last.
Try it here:

There are a lot of changes in new features and stability in the latest versions.

good work genete! thank you very much for the info. the layer concept is awesome. the stucture of synfig is actually quite clever and efficient once u realize how things work. very nice app! thanks again and i will be sure to get the latest version. i did notice that in the ubuntu depositories i am already using the latest version. perhaps ill have to build it myself… thanks again.

i appologize for my lack of experience with linux packages but which files do i need to download and how to i execute them? there are quite a few under ubuntu. thanks again for the help.

also note i am currently using ubuntu gutsy. thanks

There is not official package for synfig beyond the version you have. We hope that for the next version we can package something for ubuntu. Meanwhile you can use the unofficial packages from dooglus repository. This man is the main developer so you can trust on his binaries.

Here is the link:


Read the README.txt file

Alternatively you can build it from by yourself. Believe me it is not so difficult. Just follow step by step the Build Instructions without forgetting any dependences.
Have fun :wink:

The last release is 0.61.08. I’m glad you like Synfig!. Yes! It is an awesome program! :slight_smile:

the update has gone smoothly and everythings in order. thanks for all the help. This app is incredible. good work on this one!

Please join to the synfig IRC channel if want to directly contact with synfig developers / users.

mibbit.com/?server=irc.freen … kname_here

We forward to see your stills and animations in the Artwork area of the forums!

Any help would be welcome (code, wiki, translation, animation samples, …)

You’re welcome!