Have you guys seen this?

Not my work, but that of a YouTube user named taiglander. It’s essentially a trace of a Preston Blair skip cycle, but it’s one of the nicer demonstrations of traditional 2D capability from Synfig that I’ve seen:



Wow! that’s good! When you have good keyframes results are much better!
It is a pita that the poses are not original. If they were we can ask him to allow us to add this cycle to the demo reel.

can anyone tell me how to do that?

It’s very interesting. This guy called taiglander did another animation using synfig. I don’t know if you have already seen it. But it’s really great artwork. Maybe somebody familiar with the website should ask him to provide it for the gallery. It is the best animation i have seen so far done with synfig.


I just saw that yesterday and it is pretty neat, though I don’t think the character animation (i.e., Pluto) imitates traditional animation as successfully as the previous squirrel example. Pluto’s movements look more stale and vectory to my eyes at least. Still good though.


I was really impressed by the pluto video of taiglander

Synfig animation: Pluto takes life

He kindly sent me a copy of the source synfig animation… for inspiration. Kindly note this is his work, based on Preston Blair’s poses, and not mine:

Pergamena2.jpg.zip (224 KB)
Pluto e Indiano4.sifz (499 KB)
effetto magia per Pluto.sifz (110 KB)