Handles for spline-generated object?

Hello everybody, I have a problem in “grouping” things together (grouping in the sense it is used in Inkscape for instance). I have generated a fish, consisting of red irregular areas, created with the spline tool, and black lines (https://drive.google.com/open?id=1g1IkJw4BiA08y64KVIbNjpExyy3z-XVw). Now I want to move the whole thing. I found by searching in this forum, that I have to select every handle of the objects. But unfortunately I don’t find the needed handles, only the handles of the “spline points”. This refers to the black lines and the red areas.
I fear that I’m misunderstanding some of synfig’s principles?



I was not able to load properly you sifz, some parts are missing (images, layers with “falloff” attribute)
Which version of Synfig do you use?

Otherwise, in order to move “the whole thing”, don’t touch each layer or spline point, select the group layer containing the whole thing and apply transforms to it (translation, rotation, scale…)

Groups are a lot important in the philosophy of Synfig, as well as positioning of layers inside each group (Z-Depth), the deepest is evaluated first, the ones above (can) modify them :slight_smile:

Thank you. I use version 1.0.2 on Ubuntu Xenial.
Your hint helped! The handles of the composed object are not near (or touching) the object, but far away in the centre of the canvas. This I did not realize, since I had zoomed in and didn’t see the handles.