Hand chart for Misty

I got the front view hands done thanks to a combination of MyPaint, Gimp and Synfig.

Looking forward to finishing up the quarter, side and back views:)

You can see my blog posthttp://www.segtsy.com/blog/?p=402

More to come!

Nice set of hands! I always find it difficult to keep the entire set consistent when I make several hand gestures.

Nice blog, btw. :stuck_out_tongue:

They looks fantastic! Very expressive and the four fingers model is perfect.

Thanks Genete and Deepspace65. I was going back and forth between four and five fingers. I ended up settling on four. It seems that five fingers is becoming the norm, but I like the look of four. It’s funny to think of the silly things we obsess over :unamused:

Deepspace65, I really like the visual set-up you created for cut-out characters. You should create a video explaining the process. It looks like it could help us “artistic” types!


Really nice work! You should definitely create a post explaining your techniques.

The hands look great and very naturalictic. I haven’t even noticed there vere only four fingers.