I am a beginner to animation, and have used several other programs to animate. I have never created any animations with synfig before since I was having a few issues. I’m using version 0.61.09.
I seemed to be missing a whole toolbar in the canvas menu. I was wondering if this was specific to newer versions of synfig studio or will I need to do something special?
img143.imageshack.us/img143/3505 … screen.png
(The screenshot is a bit big so I’m linking to it)

Here are a few animations that I have made in the past.

And here’s a semi-recent drawing.

Sorry if I’m using the wrong terms for things.

Hi Gads,
First of all welcome to the forum. You’ll enjoy Synfig a lot.
Second I strongly recommend to update your Synfig version with the latest one 0.62.01. Please dowload it here: synfig.org/en/current-release
There is not Canvas horizontal menu. Instead of it there is a Caret menu. If you click on the arrow button placed on the top right of the canvas window you’ll obtain a full menu with all the options.
Very nice animations!

Oh, my dad blocks out all attempts to install anything on the computers and I asked him yesterday but he wouldn’t update it.

How do I turn the vector mode on anyways?

Oh dear you should ask your dad to install Synfig Studio 0.62.01 release on the computer. If you’re running a windows operating system the latest version is much more stable and you’ll enjoy it a lot. It is completely safe to install it because you’re downloading the binary from the primary provider, the Synfig Team.

Can you be more specific? Synfig Studio is vector by default, you don’t need to turn it to vector mode. :slight_smile:

PS: can I ask your age?

It seems to be set onto raster mode. Everything’s pixelated when I zoom in.

I’m 13.

Ah! I understand what you mean.
Synfig is a bit particular in this matter. You control the animation in a Vector way (you control parameters of the layers that basically define primitives (circles, rectangles, regions, etc) but at the end you need to visualize it in a raster interface (all the modern computers have raster type graphic cards. The reason for the pixelation is due to the fact that Synfig use floating point calculation for all the internals (vectors controls and time are all decimal float point numbers) so it means that the conversion from vector world to raster world is a bit “slow” for an average computer. Because of that, by default, Synfig displays the rendered images from vector information to raster information in low resolution mode. It allows to do less calculations and so it becomes “faster”. You can turn the low resolution by doing this:

Go to Caret Menu->View->Use Low Resolution. Un-check that option and you’ll see it in hi resolution.

So please ask again to your dad to allow you to install the latest version. He will enjoy Synfig too!

It’s updated.