GUI Needs to be reprogram

Seriously there shouldn’t more than one task bar and there should be a blank background (so you won’t accidentally click on a desktop button!) and the panels should automatically hook themselves when at the end of the screen! The default GUI settings should be like adobe flash; tool bar at the left, timeline at the top and the other panels at the right and property at the bottom!

Maybe you’re right. If you and someone you know can help us on modify the code in that direction we’ll be endless grateful!. Current active developers sums an amount of zero persons. :confused:
We need coders!

I just need files that control GUI so that I can get started!

please note, not everyone likes adobe’s gui.
Moreover be like something not always a good way. Habitually not equal good.

Take a look this screenshot:

with smart window manager such interface appears much more powerful then any kind of MDI.
I agree. For simple window managers such as kwin and metacity MDI is nice. But this feature should be optional.

See the development page if you are looking for the code:

AkhIL: I think we should also cater to people who have shitty crap window managers (like Windows), because the current model doesn’t work great for them. Some people just prefer different interfaces too.

There is also room for improvement in the current interface, for example the menu should be across the top of the windows instead of just being a button on the left. I failed at trying to fix that, if anyone wants to take up that patch and make it work, I still have it.

i’m using such one button in gimp too. Menu bar takes to much screen space.
But in gimp I’m using menu key on keyboard to access menu. And then gtk’s shortcuts to brouse trough menu. For example to blur image I’m just pressing this sequence: , r, b, g. And blur dialogue appears.

Interesting… My opinion on the menu thing is that it is confusing to new users, so it should default to the full menu and have a setting or environment variable to make it just a button.

There should be a fake background so you won’t accidentally click on the desktop and the windows tabs should be combined.

Pabs: Can you be more specific? I don’t wana download files that I am not going to use it.

Click on the source code page and you’ll see the commands to check out from svn.

Well, you know, GIMP now has a kind of fake background, and I hate it. So in my not humble at all opinion, there should not be a fake background in synfig (joking - it would be better to have a GUI that can be set to whatever the user want)
Not everybody likes the same GUI settings. :slight_smile:

And about the tabs that should be combined … aren’t there already? Oh well, I guess that depends on the window managers ones use.


Well, if you wish to help improve the GUI, saddly you’ll need the whole source code. Because, you’ll need to compile synfig to test your changes.

Hello all!

In Inkscape 0.4.6, the dialog boxes can be docked. ASAIK, Inkscape is a Gtk application too. I didn’t know that can be done in Gtk. I really like Inkscape’s interface. Maybe I (or a REAL coder) can implement a similar interface to Synfig as well. It would be a great improvement toward v1.0 I think.

I’m not the ultimate coder or anything, but when I’m home I will take a look at the code (I’m out of town now. Missed my Linux box soo much.). Maybe I could be of any help. But first, I have to know what the admins think of such an interface change.

You know, it’s much work, I’d like to share it if I could make it.

I think that current dialogs are can be docked, but please! take a look to the code and make your own diagnostic! I’m sure you’ll do a good job! When have something to ask/share/patch please join to the IRC (#synfig @ and let’s meet us!.
Any help is welcome! :smiley:

Okay G, thanks. :smiley:

I don’t promise a miracle. :blush:

I hope I’ll be at home by next week. Then I can start to inspect the code. And Inkscape’s as well.

By the way, although posted recently at the forum, I’ve been watching Synfig for quite a while. It’s what FOSS world needs I think. A very promising project.

Is Coding synfig forum for developers only? It says

when I click the link.

Maybe I set up incorrectly the forum. My fault :blush:. Now, I’ve inherited the access rights from the parent forum. Let me know if you can read the forum and post on it.

Hope you’re lucky! :smiley:


Just to let you know, I really like Inkscape’s interface too. It would be so awesome if Synfig would have the same interface.

If you are looking for good UI reference, check Blender 2.5 project :slight_smile: they are doing amazing work :smiley: and of course new animation system for it Animato.
Check this video for some UI tips … interface/

Blender UI is full customizable and quick in workflow and now is sooo beautiful.