GtkBuilder & GTK+ 3.0

I note that gtkparasite will soon include a patch for dumping a live window to GtkBuilder XML. This is quite good for any possible migration to GtkBuilder.

Also, I note that plans for GTK+ 3.0 are afoot. It seems that mostly GTK+ 3.0 will remove some depreciated features. Does anyone feel like testing if synfigstudio builds and works with CFLAGS="-DGSEAL_ENABLE -DDISABLE_DEPRECATED"?

Hi pabs,
I’m brave for that but I guess that I have to install GTK 3.0? or the current release has already tagged the deprecated in the future?

Also, that patch means that we can easily work in glade for the development of synfigstudio interface since it is applied?


I think by defining those variables with GTK+ 2.X you can check if the code uses any deprecated stuff. Not sure if GTKmm has something similar though.

We can use the glade GUI application and GtkBuilder now, the gtkparasite thing just means that it is much easier to migrate the existing UI to GtkBuilder.

Just found some more bits about GTK+ 3.0: … icipation/ … 00048.html … raft2.html