[GSoC 2021] Student's guidelines/FAQ for Google summer of code 2021

@ankit Sir I have sent my proposals to you with changes you suggested ! Kindly review them. and Can I also send you my proof of enrollment for cross-checking ? after that I will officially upload them.

Thanks and Regards. :slight_smile:

You don’t have to worry about that bonafide or Student ID card works well so chill :smile:

I might not highly available today what I suggest is you do upload a draft proposal on the GSoC portal so other mentors can review it as well.

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@ankit Okay [^_^] Thanks for clarification of proof of enrollment. I am uploading my proposals on GSoC portal.

Regards :slight_smile:

I have submitted my draft proposals on GSoC website. Although @ankit sir, had reviewed them but feel free to check those out and suggest me some changes. I would love to improve them even more.

Thanks and Regards :pray::slightly_smiling_face: