[GSoC 2020] Google Summer of Code 2020

Until today - and deadline is soon!

Ok, everyone, student application deadline is now closed! Much thanks to everyone who submitted!

I just want to remind that the main factor of our decision to accept proposal or not is the amount of your contributions to Synfig code. :slight_smile:

We will make a final decision on April 20th, so you have time to show your skills till that date. Good luck to everyone!


Hi, guys!
I’m Matvey Luboshnikov. I am a student of the Russian Technological University.
I applied for participation in the program. My topic is related to improving the drawing process.
Good luck to everyone!

Just a friendly reminder to request the slots from GSoC. Deadline is an about 2 hours.


Thank you for reminder, done yesterday. :slight_smile:


Congrats to GSoC students!


Our accepted students are:

@DestinyGamer243 - Intuitive Skeleton tool for Synfig Studio
@saurabh22 - Improvements for Lottie exporter plugin
@ayesdie - CMake Build System

Thanks to everyone who applied. We had many great applications and wanted to accept more students, but this was our allotment from Google. Hopefully, the other good students who had made themselves part of our projects will stay involved if they are able, and there’s always next year.

Important for all accepted students: Please make sure to create a topic for your project in Development section on this forum and use this topic to write a short report about progress every week, answering those questions:

  • How was the last week? What did you accomplish?
  • What is the #1 thing slowing you down?
  • What do you want to have done by the end of next week?

This is mandatory thing when coding period start, but I recommend to start the topic earlier. :slight_smile:

Examples from previous year:


Thank you for accepting my proposal :smiley:

I will be using the following topic thread to report on my progress GSoC-2020::Improvements for Lottie Exporter Plugin.

Hoping for an amazing summer working with the Synfig community!


Thanks for letting me work for you guys! :smiley:

Here is the topic thread where I’ll report my progress Skeleton Tool, Google Summer of Code 2020

Excited for this wonderful Summer of Code! :star_struck:


Thank you for giving me the opportunity to work with you.

I’ll be using CMake Build System to report the weekly progress of my project.

I’ll make good use of this summer ( ◜‿◝ )


Great! Will be following your threads. :slight_smile:

All students are now added to "“Students” team on GitHub. Please accept the invitation to join.

Also, please make sure to enable notifications for development category - IMPORTANT: Please read this first
This way you can stay up to date with development progress. :slight_smile:


Congratulations with beginning of coding period! I hope everyone is having a great week! ^___^

Students, please do not forget to submit weekly reports to your project topic threads at the end of this week. :slight_smile: @DestinyGamer243 @saurabh22 @ayesdie


To all mentors:

As you probably know, Google pays to our organization $500 for every student. The payment is done at the end of coding period. Since we got some funds on our OpenCollective account, I thought it would be good if primary mentors can request partial payment for their work at the end of each month.

@ice0 @AnishG Please feel free to request amount up to $170 for June mentorship. You can do that via “Submit Expence” button on this page.

The request form is very simple, you might notice that I already submitted one request and got payment passed. Please feel free to use my request as reference - https://opencollective.com/synfig/expenses/21867 :slight_smile:


@KonstantinDmitriev Thank you for this post. :smiley:
I have also raised an expense. ^___^


Congratulations to all students with second evaluations passed!

To all mentors: Please feel free to request amount up to $170 for July mentorship. You can do that via “Submit Expence” button on this page . :slight_smile:


To all students: we expect your final submissions to be posted as separate forum topic in this section - https://forums.synfig.org/c/development/8

Also, please make sure to read submission requirements. :slight_smile:


Can we also use this forum topic as our final submission link?

I’m asking this because the link of the title changes when the title of the topic changes.

Normally, the site can handle properly redirections itself, not taking account of the middle part

Your previous post was
it can be translated without problem from

For the start of this thread, simply use https://forums.synfig.org/t/10545
You can also use the permalink as https://forums.synfig.org/t/gsoc-2020-google-summer-of-code-2020, but yes, in such a case, if the title changes, the link is broken :wink:


Congratulations to everyone with an end of coding period! Mentors please make sure to submit final evaluations ASAP. :slight_smile:

@ice0 @AnishG


Thanks to all students and mentors for participating in GSoC 2020!

To all mentors: Please feel free to request amount up to $160 for August’s mentorship. You can do that via “Submit Expense” button on this page. :slight_smile:


Hi @Sagar2366,

I am Saksham Mittal, a 3rd year CSE student at NIT Delhi, I have good hands-on experience in Python, Django, Docker, AWS, DevOps, Flutter.

I am interested to work on the project " *Cloud rendering platform", I have thoroughly gone through the requirements of the project and the expected result and find myself capable to start with the project. Can you guide me on how to proceed with it?

Saksham Mittal (https://github.com/saksham1991999)