GSOC 2012

Well, it’s that time of the year again. Google summer of code is coming up, applications should be in February 27 to March 11.

Wouldn’t it be sweet if Synfig finally had a project or two participating?

LGW has an interesting article on the subject: … er-of-code

That would be great. But that depend on Genete - if he will have time/desire to be a mentor.

From my side there is not doubt to be a mentor.

Then I can start working on GSoC entry documents. Next week, probably…

I’d gladly participate as student implementing the render in Cairo, or something else if it was better, if synfig got accepted.
I’ve just read the nikitakit notes on Cairo rendering and sound very exciting :slight_smile:

Good, now we have mentor and student. The good thing is that eldruin already submitted some commits to repository - that’s increases our chances to get accepted. I can get administrator role if no one against that.

It would be great if Synfig can enter GSoC this year!

I’ll have much less stuff to do over the summer, so I could join in if there are more roles to fill. But I’ll be on vacation at least for part of it. (Technically I’m eligible as a student, though I don’t see what the point of that would be)

Hi nikitakit!
I’m glad you can have time to spend on Synfig during the summer. Please think on it and propose on role to the GoSoc (even be a mentor) and we’ll be glad to make a working team with you.

In any case, even if we don’t be accepted at the GoSoc, it would be great that you join to the coding team this summer.


According to the timeline, applications for organizations are live and must be submitted by March 9. I think you need to register as an admin to access the complete form that needs to be filled out.

I’ve registered and my public name is Genete.
Zelgadis was charged to fill the Organization application form. I guess that he can also invite me to be a mentor since I have a Requests (invitations and requests) list on my Dashboard.

At the moment we have:
Administrator: Zelgadis
Mentor: Genete
Student: Eldruin

and we need one Administrator backup and a Mentor Backup. Anyone offers?


Since I’ll be around to help for most (but not all) of the time GSoC runs, I can fill in as a backup mentor.

Correct me if I’m wrong, but I believe in the application phase the amount of potential students doesn’t play a huge role at this point. (Once a project is accepted, they probably get applications from newcomers that saw it listed on Google’s list). It’s more about project ideas: Cairo is definitely one, but we should probably make a wiki list of others as well. Even if they don’t happen for GSoC, they might be coding tasks that could attract a couple new coders to the Synfig project.

I can be a backup administrator.

Hi! I have started with application form -
Will polish Ideas list tomorrow.

Attention to nikitakit, rylleman and eldruin! Please create an account at … e/gsoc2012 and post your Link ID’s. :slight_smile:

I’ve already signed up. My link ID is my nick.
Thanks Zelgadis! :slight_smile:

I’ve registered, my link ID: d_rylander
Thank you.

OK, good.
It’s my mistake to request all link ID’s right at this moment. Because registration open for org admins only. So currently we need ID’s for admin and backup admin. Thank you everyone.

Proceeding to ideas list.
I think we need more than one idea in our list. And here I want to ask - what else we wish to put there? Maybe that’s highly depend on eldruin…

After looking at the GSoC application that was posted on the wiki, I thought that maybe we could up with something more general and inclusive of new students. I think it would be good not to miss GSoC as an opportunity to attract new developers to the project.

In that spirit, I’ve drafted a set answers to the questions. I haven’t polished the wording on these, but I hope I have managed to communicate the general idea.

And, a TODO list of what else I think we should do for this proposal.

  • Make a separate ideas page, brainstorm ideas
  • Make a student application template
  • Are there any other open source graphics projects that can help us with the application (see last question)

Also, here’s a few things we might add to our ideas page. We obviously can’t do all of them as part of GSoC, but I think we should take some time to document and aggregate them so we have a place to point new contributors, as well as to look for inspiration/motivation.

My ideas:

  • Cairo rendering framework
  • UI redesign: remove deprecated Gtk widgets and transition towards a single-window layout
  • Redraw tool (or similar): Allow more flexibility for drawing shapes with a stylus, and create a new tool that lets the stylus be used to modify existing lines by drawing over them, with slight changes
  • Bones system GUI: work on the gui for the bones system in Synfig, make it usable and ready for merging into the master branch
  • Scriptability: Implement scriptability into Synfig, via either Python extensions or Dbus

Awesome nikitakit!
Maybe we get accepted this year and with such a list of proposals we could attract more developers! :smiley:
In fact just by being part of GSoC I’m sure we would attract new people
Here is the GSoC page in inkscape wiki, they have the student application template and templates to write a SoC proposal and how to rate it: Inkscape GSoC page (a couple years ago they made the transition to cairo :slight_smile:
In my opinion we should have, if not the same as inkscape, at least 3 different pages, the organization application, student application template and GSoC ideas

I’d add some extra ideas:

  • ETL library clean up with Boost libraries
  • Sound integration (if it’s too complicated we can always have just JACK integration as Zelgadis proposed in the mailing list)
  • Open clipart library interface
  • ICC Color Management support
  • Maybe also transition to CMake building system for better multiplatform support?

BTW, I think I shouldn’t be in the list in the wiki page at this point so I’ve deleted myself.