Grow a curve/object... is it possible.

I want to grow a curve or an object from a path, sort of like in cursive handwriting. Do I have to set something up, like create an outline object, or can I select a path in the parameters.

I’m stumped.

To emulate write on effect you can make use of Advanced Outlines.
You can use different techniques when use Advanced Outlines to achieve the effect due to its versatility.
Attached is the file used for the video.
-G (256 KB)

Neat little thing. Not what I expected, but I’ll try it out. I’m hoping to achieve something like this method. Thanks Genete

Quite difficult to do animation. I’ll try to follow the Advanced Outline method. Wish there was a tut that covers what you did.

  1. First create one Advanced Outline (AO) with the shape you want to achieve. For that insert as many Widthpoints as needed using right button mouse click over one widthpoint and selecting “Insert Item Smart” when needed. Tweak widhtpoint position and width using the mouse.
  2. Inset one extra widthpoint near the start of the animation. Right clicking it, select Set side type to “Rounded” for the side the withpoint is going to move to.
  3. In animation mode make “Off” the rest of widthpoints that are placed after the inserted widthpoint. This would make the outline invisible form the inserted to the end.
  4. Animate the inserted widhtpoint position to be on intervals of time coincide with the position of the widhtpoints that are off. Do the same with the width of the inserted widthpoint.
  5. Just a frame before the inserted widhtpoint passes the position of one of the “off” withpoints, make that “off” withpoint “off” again and one frame past make it “on”. This would allow to keep the correct width once the moving widthpoint travels.
  6. Once done the basic animation tweak the traveler widthpoint’s width to match the final width when needed. The interpolated width doesn’t coincide with the final width during travel. Repeat this as many times as needed.

I hope it helps.

I will have to work on steps 3 onwards, as I have no idea where to shut off the animation – maybe from both Position and Width, and I only see two widthpoint list on Params.


Question, do you do the animation in Parameters – Do you change the Position to 0 (to cut it off) in the Windpoint 002 at the first frame, yet do your changes at the width?

I appreciate a response.

I think I’m getting the hang of it. I also selected Rounded Stop on the second Widthpoint and selected 0 on both Widthpoints to do write-in. Now, all I need to do is to figure out how to do the thickness of the line width.

I’m still gonna play around it and see what I can come up with.

P.S. Many Thanks