Grouping vertices together?

Hello, I’ve been experimenting with a new way to prepare an image for animation using Inkscape, and I discovered a cool technique that allows for great complexity to be achieved intuitively in an object. Before I report it, though, I need to make sure that this result is practical to use in Synfig. The only problem is that the object of interest is, for all intensive purposes, “one single shape.” For example, If I were to make a human character, the arms, legs, and head would all be composed of a single Bline layer. Is there an easy way to divide this Bline layer into all the appendages? I was not able to cut vertices from one Bline layer onto another one. Thank you in advance for your help!

In Synfig there is not support for multiple shapes in one single layer. Each layer is either a Region or an Outline and each one can have one colour only. You can handle multiple layers through the Group layer.

Sorry, I should have given more details. I am starting out with an image that is a black silhouette of a person: (The technique I discovered also allows Colored Bregions to be layered on top of the base silhouette, but let’s say for now that those aren’t included)

Is there an easy way to break the vertices up that compose the region into individual layers? (The hand vertices get placed into a “hand” layer, for example)

Duplicate the layer and remove the not needed points.