Hi all, I’m ‘trewoon’ from the UK. I’m new to synfig but Animation has been a hobbie of mine for a few years. I’ve mostely been using freeware software. I started off with stop frame animation using monkey jam. Then I used pivot untill it was just too simplistic for me. Then I moved on to pencil, a software I still use every now and again. I then got anime studio debut 6 which is very good. But now i’m giving synfig a go! I’m very impressed in the features but the seperate window interface I find a bit difficult to work with. There isn’t a way of merging them is there?

Oh and I’m pretty good at using blender now.

Hi Treewoon, welcome :slight_smile:

Not at the moment. You must live with at last 3 windows (toolbox, docks, document). Maybe in the future we change the GUI but now we are focusing on other stuff.

sounds reasonable =D

Yay - another Brit!
Maybe it’s now time for a British English translation of Synfig.


How about a french canadian translation!!! :slight_smile:

Heheh, welcome to the community trewoon, I am also quite new here, maybe we will help each other over time! :slight_smile:


Welcome Trewoon

A good idea pixelgeek… and make a copy called en_AU