I’m a varied freelance artist (illustration, graphic design, advertising, theatrical design…etc.) but my dream field has always been animation. When I found out about Synfig through an online friend after he posted a test animation to DeviantART I couldn’t help but feel that my long search for a priceless Flash substitute was over. Though I’m still fresh out of the gate with this program and have already taken advantage of the wonderful supportive administrative team’s help I feel that this program will come in handy for many of my different fields.

I’ve created a short test animation that I used to help stir me in to the techniques and tricks that this program offers. The animation combines some of the basic animation features of Synfig tutorials (reuse animation, exporting canvases, etc.) as well as using traditional animation techniques which were translated over by tracing. Project notes and the video can be found here:

Thanks to all of the Synfig team for their combined effort on this program! I look forward to the many varied uses that it has to offer!

Freakaru, welcome to Synfig world. You’ll find a nice a friendly community here.
Your animation looks very good!