I pretty much came here by accident after discovering this piece of software was an equivalent of something similar, of which requires money to own, and since I’m young and penniless, I decided to give this a try. I’m up to the Animation basics tutorial from the Wiki.

Welcome! You’re in the right place!

Awesome :slight_smile: I’ve started working my way through the Tutorials Wiki and just finished one to do with the Bline Tool. Now I’m looking at the ‘how do I…?’/Tips section.

and hi from the east coast…

As in New South Wales? Wow. I’d prefer Wollongong to Sydney though, someplace quiet.

Actually it’s a small hippy town about 40 km in from Byron Bay… sub-tropical paradise:)

(though there’s a good chance I’ll be going back to Melbourne in a few months)

Ah. Byron Bay. A book, called Guitar Highway Rose mentions this place frequently :slight_smile: