Hi Everyone,
I came across Synfig while searching the net for animation software and joined the forum here after being inspired by watching the animations made using Synfig that Genete, Pixelgeek, Gerco and others have uploaded on youtube. Thanks for all the tips shared in the discussions here and I look forward to learning more about and trying to create using Synfig.

You’re welcome! :smiley:


Thanks Genete and Pixelgeek for your welcome, I have spent the last week reading the tutorials, following the threads on the forum here and just trying to do some simple and basic things on Synfig to try to get a basic understanding about how everything works before attempting to start any real projects.
Something that I would really love to find out is how to create a seascape background in Synfig over which I could animate some objects (sailing ships, boats, etc). The seascape effect that I am thinking about is like the background that KseeZelgadis achieves in his video ‘Take a look into my bright eyes’ at between 13 to 15 seconds into the video … Nvn_bH9lSk
I have looked through the forum trying to find something on this but without any success.
Pixelgeek I think that your video ‘A waterlily on a pond’ is an exquisite piece of work and I love the movement of the water effect that you get on the pond. I would love to know a little more about how you achieve this effect using noise distortion, noise gradient and random distortion but alas I’m too shy to ask (hint, hint, nudge, nudge, a nod is as good as a wink)
I have noticed many people on the forum asking for tutorials about various aspects of using Synfig and I think that this is a great idea, especially video tutorials with a voiceover explaining the task being demonstrated. I realize of course that this is a lot of work and very time consuming but I do think that it would help a lot of people to get started on Synfig, one learns so much actually trying something rather than just reading about it, I know that watching Gerceocb’s ‘Flower animation tutorial’ was a big help to me when first trying to learn how Synfig works.
Genete, I think that your ‘Dancing skeleton’ is just so funky, love it. … er&list=UL
Finally many thanks to you both for all your tips, advice and encouragement that you have posted in the forum about using Synfig.

Zelgadis took the sea background from my splashscreen entry:
You can use it as well if put my credits on the final work. :mrgreen:



I don’t know if I still have the source file for the water lily picture. It’s basically just a noise distortion stretched out with a warp layer. I’ll see if I can’t dig out the file for it…

Thanks so much Genete, your sea background is wonderful and looks so realistic that it’s hard to believe that it’s not a photograph. But I was really trying to learn a little more about animating such a scene.
Pixelgeek you’re a star, I’ve been working on this idea for about a week with varying results, some of which resembled what one might see when looking at some cells under a microscope rather than looking at a seascape, which was my original idea. Thanks for your tip, I now have some direction to work toward and if you can locate the source file for the waterlily picture then even better.

I think I found it.
Water.sifz (7.51 KB)

Aw thanks so much Pixelgeek, this is a great help to learn about animated backgrounds, which along with looping backgrounds is something I would really like to try out before attempting to animate characters or objects. I really appreciate you taking the time to find the file and help this Synfig novice.