Greetings from Vermont

Hello. My real name is Joseph Tracy and mostly I am a stained glass artist and conservator. http://www.brooksideglassworks.comMedieval Stained glass sometimes functioned as story illustration, a kind of very slow animation. Very slow.

My love for animation has gone from Rocky and Bullwinkle and Disney to Miyazaki and the Triplets of Bellville. I am currently interested in Music video and animations of poetry.

I have only tried animation once with a stop motion sand animation based on a medieval Irish poem called Sweeny Astray. You can find it on youtube under Sweeny Astray, if anyone wants to take a look and comment. I also did some editing with Photoshop but have forgotten much of what I learned. I am downloading Synfig to try to further edit and extend this sand animation and to start some projects based on recent work with collage images.

What would help me get started is any tutorials people can recommend and perhaps help files on loading my Sweeny Astray files into Synfig. I will post questions as I get stuck.

Hi and welcome :slight_smile:
Here is the link of your video
Nice work, a lot of patience and emotion, especially with a material you can’t “undo” with!