Green Point (Moving Point) Adjustment

I have this problem. So there is this green point, that always appear when i select an object in synfig. With this point i can move the object, but this point is always so far apart from the object, so when im zoomed in, i always have to zoom out and adjust it, but when im zoomed out it gets really unprecise. is there a way to move that green dot to the right position without moving the whole object?

Yes. Select you leg ducks (brown dots) and move them close to the green dot. Then grab the green dot and move it to your body again.

The green dot is the layers origin. Unfortunately there is no way to move the origin onto the artwork instead.
There have been talk about an origin-tool that would let you do that but no work has been done on it and I don’t think there are any developer planning on coding the tool at the moment.

aaaah, god im so stupid^^, but hey i now have this problem that i cant scale anything, i need my max payne to be smaller but, it just wont work, it doesnt show the blue dot (scale dot), i doesnt work when i put a new layer (transform -> scale), it doesnt work with alt and it wont work with the scale tool when i select it =/ something work here?

To really scale objects with the Scale tool you need to select all the the dots of the objects first (CTRL-A) then grab one of them to scale up or down.

I strongly recommend to read and do the diving in section first.

but there ain’t now dots, i want to resize the whole max payne figure. i read through the wiki already before i made this thread. my problem is just, i didnt find an answer there, so i hoped to find it here.

Look at your top left of the canvas menu. There you Can set which ducks should be visible. Go for the blue one.

but the blue duck is selected, its just not showing in the window, thats my problem

make sure you have all the layers selected you want to scale (head, beard, newbline036, and so on…).

  • you probably don’t want to select the rotate layer

oh yea it works now^^ thanks bro.