Gradient odd behavior

I’ve tried to solve the question of our new forum member using conical gradient. I’ve discovered an interesting bug (or at last a non desired behavior).

Try to animate a gradient like that:
Frame 0:


^ ^ ^
1 2 3[/code]

Frame 24:


^ ^ ^
1 2 3[/code]

1 and 2= white, alpha =100%
and 3 = white, alpha =0%

If you go to frame, let’s say, 12 you get this:


^ ^ ^ ^ ^
1 2 3 4 5[/code]

where 1,2 = white, alpha =100%
3, 4 = white, alpha =50%
5 = white, alpha =0%

So I cannot move the CPoints and keep the alpha? I know that this behavior is hard coded but I think that the gradient bahavior is wrong.

If we modify the gradient behavior we can loose backward compatibility… :frowning: what to do?
Any ideas?


I agree. Add it to the list of things to change for the next time we rev the canvas compatibility.


It’s not just alpha that is not working well with the gradient editor.

My largest issue is that the editor adds C-points at it’s own when animated.
As in your example where all that should happen is that point 2&3 is moved, instead 2 new points is added.
Animating gradients where you don’t have any control and new points are added without you wanting it is very frustrating and extremely hard to work with.

Second thing that is not working very well is that you can’t just select c-points, every time you click on one it with a move tool so you often accidently moves the point just a little bit.

Third, the colour choosing arrows are within the colour bars and is completely white or black (at one of my machines they are white, on the other black) so when placed to the far right or left onto the white or black areas they are invisible.

These issues together with the alpha bug makes me think that the whole gradient editor needs an complete overhaul.

Oh yeah, that one has been going on my nerve, too.