Gpl violation ? … 0619229357

Has i know/understand should also contains source code but it’s not mentioned.

And this sentence seems to be no correct to me :
The individual software installer and screenshots are released under the GNU GPL.
1 gpl version is missing
2 not only Synfig installer is under gpl
3 should contains reference to original ?


This CD-ROM is copyrighted. Any reproduction, duplication or resale of this CD-ROM is prohibited.

The individual software installer and screenshots are released under the GNU GPL. The license is available on the CD-ROM. All other images, items, box image, CD-ROM menus and designs contain our protected IP.

Copyright © OS Project Software[/i]

And even the box is not real…

[i]Will I receive a boxed product as shown in the picture?

The box image used is for illustration purposes only. You will receive your Brand New CD-ROM in a protective sleeve and mailer.[/i]


Maybe it would be better to first notify the user before reporting it. His only faults were not properly quoting the license of each product and not mentioning anything about the source code. I dont think he has to reference the original one.

As I understand, he can license the disk itself (as a set). Maybe he did write or modify the manuals, they are also offering support, that may be something possitive to let other people have more confidence with open software.

Edit: I already contacted them, lets see what they answer.

I notify to the community :wink:

Yep, “bottle VS wine” idea … dings.html for more reading.

[i]Will I receive a book or printed manual with my CD-ROM?

You will not receive a physical book or printed manual with your CD-ROM. All manuals if available are included digitally in PDF or HTML format on the CD-ROM. You will receive a CD-ROM in protective sleeve and mailer only[/i]

—> For me, “if available” is sounds like, “i do nothing if not exist”.


That’s why I’m looking forward to join Software Freedom Conservancy.