Google Summer of Code 2010

Hey! we should raise our current status more even!
We need to enter to GoSOC 2010!!

I have some ideas on mind:

  1. Do a brainstorm for finding cool projects. I think that there is an application in sourceforge to manage that.
  2. Select the best ones and suitables ones.
  3. Create good GoSOC entries! I will need some help from English Synfig user to peace my style and correct it.
  4. Send them all to GoSOC.
  5. If we are accepted I can be a mentor. I don’t know how many projects I can mentor a the same time so any help here is welcome.

It is quite early to 2010 but I think that we should not work in the last three weeks like we have done in the past.

I’ll poste here the setup for the brainstorm manager. Anyway this thread is good for that too. We need a voting system to select the best.



I think that with python (or similar script like language) and regular expressions the uncompressed synfig file could be worked to get some enhancements, template alike system, or just to commit some repetitive tasks (for animations), outside the synfigstudio interface, I’m not a programmer but sometimes I been modifying the file in gedit, to make some things work. Dont know if I’m out of scope.

I will keep brainstorming! See you!


The major things that comes to mind is the bone project you Genete started at, the migration to OpenGL and one that I think has not been discussed very much; streamlining of the timeline. i.e. making it possible to select multiple keys by drag-box etc. To make it very fast, easy and intuitive to work with.

One other very important aspect of SoC participation is to find willing and good students for the projects. Do we have any aspirants here at the forum or should we start searching elsewhere?

I think that we should start searching elsewhere :frowning:

Hey! Do you have nice ideas to be implemented in Synfig? Here is the link to insert your ideas and voting the others ones!
Please think carefully the content of the problem and the solution idea. It will help us to produce a good project summary for Goggle Summer of code 2009
Submit here!

You have to be member of

Thanks for contribute!

PS: For Synfig admins. I’ve set up TWO needed administrator votes to move the idea from the sand box to the popular ideas area. So please help me on approve the incoming ideas and don’t let me alone to decide if the idea will be implemented or not. :wink:

Come on! :exclamation: :exclamation:
Nobody has inserted an idea or even vote for my idea to make it popular?? :question: :question:

Please check the link above and register at We need at last two synfig admin votes to approve the idea and send it to the Popular Ideas voting pool!!

Wake up!! :bulb: :bulb:


genete - can you go into the admin page of the idea torrent and make sure that the synfig admins have moderator rights? Permissions don’t seem to be inherited from Sourceforge?


Ok you’re now admin of IdeaTorrent as I am. I couldn’t modify your permits before because you never accessed to IdeaTorrent and didn’t be included in the IdeaTorrent user list: From the Add user link: User registration is automatic when a user logs in with a Sourceforge account.


I’ve registered there, but don’t clearly understand how it works (to vote for an idea for example…)

It works this way:

  1. Propose ideas in the sand box.
  2. Moderators (me and others) approve ideas
  3. Propose solutions for the ideas.
  4. Vote others solutions to promote ideas.

The promoted are the solutions not the ideas. Ideas are implemented (sent to GSoC 2009 in this case) if they are popular enough.

Thanks for registering

I’ve realized that you don’t need to register to promote solutions.
Please contribute! :slight_smile: