Good Evening or Good Morning, whatever the case where you ar

Hello all,

Firstly I’d like to say a big thank you to the developers of this software. I can’t code except a bit of HTML but I’ve attempted to learn to a few times and I have a little appreciation of how difficult and hard work it is. If I ever meet a Synfig developer I will certainly buy them a drink.

Another thank you goes out to the people who have contributed advice and tutorials on this forum and elsewhere. In particular the guy with the walking dog avatar. I keep seeing that and when I do I know I’m going to get some decent help with my animation woes.

I’ve been using Synfig for a while (thought it was about time I joined the forum) I’ve done a bit of 3D stuff before but am now firmly entrenched in mastering the 2D art. My ambition is to make a full length (~30min) comedy cartoon complete with sound etc. So far I’m still at the stage of designing characters, settings, writing dialog etc. But in terms of the animation skills needed to make such a thing, I think I’m close to having the wherewithal to make it so. I will of course keep my fellow Synfingers updated on my progress.

Anyways keep up the good work. (It’s like Christmas morning when I see there’s an update for Synfig. I’m hoping the next one is the big one that means I don’t have to hide every object in my scene I’m not using to give my computer a chance to keep up with the rendering.)

Welcome to the forums and I wish that your desires become reality too (at last I’m working towards it).