Global library file

How about having a library sif?
One where we can store exports that are commonly used in different scenes.
The path to the sif should be defined in Synfig settings so we don’t have to manually dig it out every time we want to use it. Perhaps as a default path in setup and as a scene specific setting in properties so we can have a common library per project.
Exports from current scene could be choosen to be exported to library sif.
We can have a drop down entry in the Children panel called “Library” under which library exports are listed.

Currently exported values of imported sifs are not listed in the children panel which probably is a problem for easily implementation of this. (Perhaps that should be treated as a bug? Or as a feature request?)

Interesting feature indeed.
Since animation is a complex task in some points, when you are doing animation, generall you have sketches, sounds, multiple sif docs, color palettes, etc…, it will finally introduces project concept in synfig world as in other animation software suite. And it would be great if version controlling system finally get its production ready stage(you can take a look at the current version of synfig studio menu, there is a cvs sub-menu existed in there) it will give the power to artists to maintain his or her animation project in a ease way.