Glad to be here everyone

First of all, thank you to all who have made Synfig possible. Without you, I woudln’t be here.

Now, how did I find synfig? Well, I am a really big fan of Lego and more specificially, its Bionicle line. When it ended, a part of me ended, and all I have left is what’s on However, that was more than enough, where people were doing all sorts of art, MOC’s, movies, etc. I too wanted to give to the community in some way. Thus, I decided to start animating the comics for Bionicle. With only minor flash animation knowledge in 2nd grade, I surfed the web until I came to Synfig, the perfect, open source animation program. I love it.

Now, I’ve gone through most of the tutorials, apart from the multiplane camera and particles ones, so I am okay with the animating process. Just a little background of my knowledge of Synfig now.

Hope to be a very active member of this forum guys. Good luck to all you animators out there :smiley:

Welcome, and I know that my son will be very interested in any Lego related animations that you do!

Awesome, another Bionicle fan! Can’t wait to see some of your animations. :smiley: