GIMP and sifz files

if i create a series of images in GIMP and export each image to a sifz file (using the python addin). Can i then import them into syfig as separate key frames? Will synfig then tween those keyframes together?

yes, no, maybe?

If the sifz file is well formed then it can be imported to Synfig Studio. Anyway you cannot “tween” raster images in Synfig, just switch for one to other.

You can’t tween rasters, but you can certainly get around it. Import your PNG/JPG images using the .LST method as keyframes (it’s important to know where and which frame you need to place your keyframes and what framerate you need). Reduce the opacity by 50% (more or less, depending on your preferences), and use Synfig’s Vectors to trace over them. Once you have a good vector model of your character, you can use your “raster keyframes” as references for their movement.

:mrgreen: That’s what I do. Hope it helps!