Gif viewer for windows 7

Hi, new to Synfig and just completed the first tutorial making the Knight Rider and saved it as instructed as a gif, However I have had no success finding a working viewer for animated gifs. Tried INFANVIEW and even in that the gif file just came up as a black rectangle, and it seemed to be seeing the file as a ‘photo’ rather than an animation, because there were no play controls or similar available.
Can anyone suggest a simple downloadable gif viewer that will work with Windows 7?
Cheers X

IE or Firefox ? :unamused:

Yep, browsers can also open local files (html pages, images, etc). Use File > Open File… menu to open your Gif to see it.

One neat thing is that if you can use Refresh in browser to see changes made to the Gif (without having to manually reopen it).

Hi, thanks for suggestion/help, reckon its me actually messing up the render, 'cos tutorial file rendered ok as a gif and played fine in Firefox, cheers, Xan